Why the new website?


I decided end of 2019 to redo the Creative Hands website. The old one encountered a problem about two years ago and although the problems were fixed way back then, it ended up in the website being super slow. Nothing I did made any significant difference. A slow website is not good for SEO and its also not great in general to keep my clients or audience engaged. So there was only one option left. A website “makeover”. I mean, who doesn’t love a “makeover” once in a while?

The search for a suitable theme made me come across this cute Bakery Theme. I started with the free theme but a few days into redesigning I decided that the Premium version is a better option as it allows me more flexibility with design. I also redesigned the logo for Creative Hands. Something simple and fresh. All the images were redone so that they all have they same size layout and identifying watermark on each image. For now the basic website is setup, but I will still be adding a few more elements as we go along. Its a new year, and I would like to sharing my past work with current and future clients so long and hopefully as time goes by get even more creative with regards to what I can produce.

Happy 2020 to all my current and new clients that will start using my services. I am looking forward to see how I can assist in making your celebration special.

Your Baker